USTA League Tennis is the country’s largest recreational tennis league, helping more than 350,000+ players nationwide get on the court, have a good time, make new friends, improve their health and step up their game. The league is organized as competitive team match play with teams made up of a minimum of five to eight players depending on the division. Teams and matches are set up according to NTRP ratings so teammates and opponents will be on the same skill level. The competition is exciting, atmosphere social and since players compete as teams, you have a built-in cheering section.

USTA league tennis is for men and women, ages 18 and older, of all skill levels, abilities and experience. Whether you are new to the game or a former college player, there’s a NTRP level for you.

Teams compete in different national age divisions: age 18 and over, age 40 and over, age 55 and over and in the Southern USTA Section only, age 65 and over division. 18’s and 40’s team formats feature singles and doubles (2 singles matches and 3 doubles matches) per team match, and the 55’s and 65’s feature 3 doubles matches per team match.

As competitive as you want it to be! USTA leagues are the only adult recreational tennis program in the country with a national championship. Play as hard as you want and aim for the local, state, regional and national championships or if you just want to play regularly, improve your game and meet new people, USTA league tennis hits the spot!

All USTA leagues are now identified by age divisions: 18 and over, 40 and over, 55 and over and in the Southern Section USTA leagues, 65 and over.

You must be the age of the level in the calendar year you are participating in the following leagues. For example, a 55 year old may play in an 18 and over league, but an 18 year old may not play in a 55 and over league.

Spring Leagues are gender and NTRP rating specific leagues. You may play with and against players of your skill level and they must be at least the age of the division in that calendar year.

Tri-Level League Tri-Level Leagues are a new Southern USTA league program that are gender and NTRP specific. Players on a team play on their NTRP line in three doubles matches (example, line 1 – 4.0, line 2 – 3.5, line 3 – 3.0). Players may play up .5 but not down.

Mixed Doubles League is male/female players together on a team. Their combined rating is the skill level of the league, example – two 3.5 NTRP players would combine to make a 7.0 team. Players must be at least the age of the division in that calendar year.

Singles League is a special North Carolina league program, and is gender and NTRP specific. Players must be at least the age of the division in that calendar year.

Southern Combo Doubles League is a gender specific Southern Section only USTA league which allows players of varying NTRP ratings to play together who would not normally play together in Spring NTRP

For more specific information on each league, please click on the applicable league for Rules and Regulations.