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2017 WNC League Calendar

Spring Adult League 65's - State Championships - May 19-21 in Greenville 55's - State Championships - June 2-4 in Greensboro 40's - State Championships - June 22-25 in Winston Salem 18's - State Championships - June 8-11 in Lake Norman 18 & over and 40 & over WNC Season - March 12 thru May 27 (11 weeks) Team registration opens January 15,  closes Feb. 25 [...]

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The Honor Code of Ethics is prepared under the philosophy that "today's opponent is tomorrow's tennis friend." To ensure that end, the code should be used as a guideline during league play. 1. Courtesy The game of tennis depends upon courtesy and fairness. Hosting teams should extend themselves to provide pleasant conditions for their guests. [...]

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Coman Tie-breaker Method

Coman Set Tie-Breaker The tie-breaker was created to replace the traditional rules whereby a player had to win a set by a two game margin with at least six games. Matches could literally go on for days with set scores such as 16-14, 9-7, 6-8, 15-17, 6-2 .... A true match score at a Wimbledon [...]

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How to find a player’s homepage/teampage

Go to Tennislink for Leagues ( Under the caption "Stats and Standing", enter the name of the player in the box provided and click "Search" The page that comes up is the player's homepage. Here is a list of teams the player is currently on or has been a member of in the past few [...]

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How to find out what teams are registered to play

Go to Tennislink for Leagues ( Under the caption "Stats and Standings" click "League Advanced Search". On the page that comes up, click on "Search for team, flights or leagues" Fill in the drop-down boxes as follows: Select Championship year – 2017 Select a League Type – e.g. Adult 18 & Over (note: Select "Adult [...]

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USTA League Refund Policy

All players requesting to be removed from a team must send the local USTA coordinator of the applicable league an email requesting removal from the team. Bevie Walker for all USTA Leagues All players requesting a refund will receive a partial refund when requesting it prior to their team's first match. There are no exceptions [...]

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How to register for a team using TennisLink

Click here for the 2018 USTA Captain Information form which includes (1) how to create your team, (2) how to register, (3) how to print a scorecard,  (4) how to record a match score, (5) how to update your USTA information, (6) how to access your team roster and captain team report, and (7) Important Reminders. [...]

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