Click here for the 2018 USTA Captain Information form which includes (1) how to create your team, (2) how to register, (3) how to print a scorecard,  (4) how to record a match score, (5) how to update your USTA information, (6) how to access your team roster and captain team report, and (7) Important Reminders.

Players’ USTA membership should be current through the end of the applicable league season in which they are registering. To register for a team go to, under “Quick Hits”, click on “TennisLink”, on the left-hand side of the screen is “Start Playing”, click on “Register for a Team”, player will need their USTA number and team number, follow the drop down procedures for registration and pay the league fee with your credit card. Note to join the USTA, you may click on “join USTA membership” under “Start Playing.” (Note, the procedure is the same if you have logged into your USTA account page – the “Start Playing” options are on the left-hand side of the screen.)

You will need the following to register in the Western NC USTA League:

  • A Team Number – The captain will give you the Team Number.
  • Your USTA number. If you need to join the USTA or renew your membership, go to the USTA website ( Click “Membership”. Click the “Join” box or the “Renew” box.
  • A NTRP computer rating or a self-rating (self-rating is done when registering for a team). See the NTRP section for more information about self-rating
  • Telephone Number
  • Credit Card Number/Expiration Date

To register on a team roster follow the steps below:

  • Go to Tennislink (
  • Under the caption “Start Playing” click on “Register for a Team”.
  • Enter your USTA number.
  • Enter the information asked for and click “Continue”. If you have logged into your USTA Account some of the information will automatically be entered.
  • The “Checkout” Screen will display your team and the fees. Check to make sure you are registering for the correct team. Enter your Credit Card information in the boxes provided.
  • Click “Submit”. Print a copy of your registration for your records.

used with permission from Western Wake Tennis Association